Over the years, among the many valuable contributions the RWLC has made include:
• Providing boxing gyms with ample and safe equipment
• Vans for transporting children
• Resurfacing of basketball courts and baseball fields
• Funding of computer labs
• Renovation of outdoor amphitheaters
• Built playgrounds
• Funded mentoring and educational programs throughout each of the City’s respective wards.
• Secured grants to enhance the programs offerings at the SETLC

The Center also serves as a model public/private partnership, sharing the resources and talents of the Recreation Wish List Committee (RWLC) and the *District of Columbia’s Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR).
In 2001, the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center (The Center),  spear headed by the RWLC, which was founded by Cora Masters Barry, opened it’s doors. This union has allowed the RWLC and SETLC to become invaluable institutions in Washington, DC.
Thousands of children, primarily between the ages of 3 to 17 and mostly from the city’s impoverished Ward 7 and 8 Washington neighborhoods, have benefited from education, cultural, enrichment, and athletic programs. The Center combines academics, cultural enrichment, technology and tennis to inspire young people to challenge them, take pride in their accomplishments, and value the efforts and achievements of others.