Each production focuses on a specific aspect of American history and culture as follows:

15th Annual - ON STAGE! “Live at the Museum”

Powerful depictions of Women’s, Civil, Political, and Human Rights activists, African-American icons, heroes, she/roes, legends and influencers, from the areas of sports, entertainment, history, politics, government, education, literature, activism, and pop culture, performed by scholars of the SETLC.

14th Annual - VOTE, Your Choice... Your Life - Virtual Performance

VOTE! Your Choice…Your Life! is the timely theme of this year's Blacks in Wax Production from the scholars of the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center. This 2020 election year is crucial to America and as we continue to fight against voter suppression, voter depression, and voter miseducation. We have chosen to inspire the community to get engaged, exercise your right, and understand the history of the vote in America. We want everyone to know how important it is to vote and what happens when we vote and when we do not vote.

13th Annual - "Young, Gifted and Woke"

Young, Gifted, and Woke, showcases young activists who have made an impact in the country and the world through their public protests and critical involvement. From elementary school-aged children to college-level young adults, the young have “shown up” to support civil rights initiatives, human rights initiatives, gun laws, and more. Young people have bravely followed in the footsteps of great community leaders and taken up the charge
lending their voices and dedicating their lives.

12th Annual - The Power of One

Recognizing the Power of One person who will take a stand and ignite a movement; to speak out against police brutality by taking a knee to make a point; the power of one person to speak out against gender equality and have the courage to tell their story to the world; the power of one person to take a seat and not be moved when you are told to go to the back of the bus - we celebrate the many individuals who speak truth to power with their words and by their actions - who stand up for others.

11th Annual - No More Hidden Voices....Unite!

No More Hidden Voice...Unite brings to fruition the significant contributions of important icons who have made and are making history in our society.

10th Annual - “Back Then…Right Now”

“Back Then…Right Now!” demonstrates renewed social consciousness and action on the rise.  In the wake of the centuries injustices Black Americans have faced, we continue the fight for human rights. This year we will connect with our history, explore what happened “back then” and the battle we are waging RIGHT NOW.