Education Programs/Activities & Clubs

Participants have an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including:

• Robotics
• Gardening and Nutrition
• Computer Science
• Tutoring
• Homework Assistance and Tennis

a.) able to maintain and develop new academic skills that will help them succeed in the upcoming school year;
b.) learn good eating habits and engage in daily physical activity;
c) explore new horizons through extra-curricular classes; and
d.) boost their self-esteem and confidence through positive affirmations, exposure to successful role models and the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents.
The program not only prevents summer learning loss among children, but also increases their proficiency in math and reading. It also keeps them safe during the summer and enhances their health and fitness. S.E.T.U.P. utilizes the Voyager Learning Curriculum by the Cambium Learning Group. It is the nation’s most comprehensive provider of research-based intervention and online learning solutions. The curriculum is specifically designed to address the needs of students who are struggling in reading and math, and to prevent summer learning loss.
The accelerated 6-week summer curriculum is tailored- made to reinforce learning from the closing school year and to prepare students for the next grade level. S.E.T.U.P. students participate in 3-hours of instructional time in reading and math and are required to participate in at least one hour of online instruction through Ticket to Read and VMath Live. During the afternoon S.E.T.U.P. students participate in exploratory classes such as Tennis, Spanish, and STEP.